Stories of Change

Sahana is an eternal learner

Sahana thinks beyond self. She thinks for the people around her. She thinks about the community and its problems. She

Dheeraj is a technical expert

Dheeraj Rani was handling household chores in a family of six, but had a constant urge to do something in

Dilkush mentors aspirants

Dilkush believes that great opportunities are everywhere but the art of availing it has to be mastered. He joined Personality

Geeta is promoting clean water

Geeta is a 39 year old resident of village Garhi Bazidpur in Haryana. She belongs to an underprivileged rural community

Sachin benefits from meditation

Sachin is the yog guru of his village. He conducts yoga and meditation classes every week for the children in

Leela is a proud mother

Leela is proud of the life she’s built. The 34-year-old mother financially supported her family, learnt the skills to stitch