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of people across communities in North India continue to be exposed to high crime rates. Consequences of such communities subjected to crime exhibits its impact on society where we see youth dropping out, involved in delinquent activities, women facing perilous environment, to name a few.

We are on a mission to prevent crime by identifying and addressing these root causes with relevant interventions for children, women, youth, and community at large with an ultimate aim of crime prevention and social development. We believe that this will challenge the socio-economic inequalities and enable these vulnerable sections of society towards the goal of self reliance.

We work in villages and urban slums of North India to prevent Crime through the following programs:

Child Education Our 3S model of Child Education looks far beyond academics and believes in moulding these young minds into dynamic and holistic individuals through Shiksha (Education), Sanskaar (Values) and Skills.
Skills for Youth & Adults Our Skill Upgradation Program prepares youth who can contribute to the country’s growth, through the 4C Model of making them Competent, Compassionate and Conscientious Changemakers.
Community & Women Empowerment Our Community & Women Empowerment Programs helps aim at complementing the efforts of nation building by strengthening the resource capability of the village community through diverse personnel training.
Environment & Water Our interventions related to Water and Environment are directed at creation of objectives and strategies aimed at protection and sustenance of natural resources.

No Crime means Stronger Communities

  • Right Education for Children
    1 out of 3 children drop out even before elementary school since they do not possess the environment for propagating education. Creating awareness among communities helps emphasising the importance of education in development of the child.

  • Employment for Youth & Adults
    Youth comprises of major workforce population with 1/3rd of them constituting this segment. Training, development and upskilling them abridges the employment gap and enhance their acceptability among recruiters.

  • Empowering Women towards Self Reliance
    A major part of a vulnerable community comprises women afflicted and affected by domestic abuse. By building leadership capacities we will create responsible, financially stable and self reliant communities.

  • Greener and Healthier Communities
    Instilling ownership for a sustainable lifestyle helps in making the community significantly more aware of the value of respecting nature.

Over the last 3 decades, we aided in preventing crime and have worked with over 4 million people to build their capacity in helping them contribute to the society by:

Working on the Grassroots

Connecting with the key stakeholders helps in enhanced understanding of the needs of the community, effective program planning and tracking deliverables. This goes a long way in ensuring successful implementation of our programs.

Working with Knowledge Partners

Organization driving and working towards a common cause enhances the efficacy of implementation of strategies and the impact of work .

Working with Funding Partners

Collaborating with Corporates, Organizations and supported by independently sourced funding we intent to enhance our penetration and reach out to masses.

Stories of Change

Stories have immense power to communicate things beyond words. Our grassroot work enables us to experience some of the most inspiring stories. People who showcase actual proof of hope and perseverance.

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