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What is Bal Gurukul?

Bal Gurukul Program is a unique initiative born out of our commitment to ensuring every vulnerable child has access to transformative education. Established in 1987, our Child Education Program has been dedicated to preventing children from dropping out of mainstream education. However, as our community has grown, so has the challenge of reaching every vulnerable child. In response, the Bal Gurukul program emerged as a powerful solution.

The Need

Our Child Education Program, initiated in 1987, has tirelessly worked to prevent vulnerable children from dropping out of mainstream education. However, with the community’s recent growth, we recognized the need to reach every single vulnerable child. The Bal Gurukul program was conceived as the answer to this challenge.

The Program

The Bal Gurukul program is designed to cultivate student leaders, known as “Bal Gurus,” who take on the responsibility of educating younger vulnerable children in their community. This approach not only imparts transformative, value-based education and skills to those who may lack access but also ensures that sustained community development is led by these emerging child leaders. Through this, the program aims to develop their character, leadership skills, and self-reliance.

Impact Created


child leaders working as Bal Gurus to teach younger children


Child leaders working as office bearers


children educated by other children under the Bal Gurukul program

Program Strategies

Promoting Early Leadership

Children from the Remedial Education Project are trained as Gurukul Office Bearers and Faculty to develop leadership skills.

Community-Based Teaching

Gurukul Office Bearers and Faculty engage in community-based teaching activities to reach out to other vulnerable children.

Community Development Projects

The Gurukul team initiates various community development projects to address broader issues.

Children from grade 4 onwards are encouraged to enroll as Gurukul Faculty members. They undergo training in leadership, management, and technical teaching skills. These child educators then mobilize other community children to join the program.

Bal Gurukul Faculty Members

A team of supervisors and office bearers is elected from the faculty members, managing and supervising Bal Gurukul activities. Departments, each with heads and faculty, focus on specific areas like academics, character building, sports, yoga, performing arts, IT, skills, gender studies, and the environment. Meet our office bearers.




Assistant Registrar




HOD- Community Development


HOD- Training and Development


HOD- Academics


HOD- Skills Development


HOD- Personality Development


HOD- Value Education


HOD- Information Technology


HOD- Sports

Voices From the Frontline

Meet Anand

A proud member of the Bawana community, a dedicated Navjyoti Alumni, and the passionate facilitator of our Bal Gurukul program. Anand’s deep understanding of the community and unwavering commitment to the cause have been instrumental in nurturing this program into the success it is today.

Meet Sana

Our youngest Bal Guru at just 10 years old. Despite her tender age, Sana takes on the role of a teacher, imparting knowledge in various subjects to a group of 12 children younger than herself. Her belief in the inherent power of every individual to make a positive impact in the lives of others through dedicated efforts shines through her inspiring contributions to the Bal Gurukul program.