Sahana is an eternal learner

Sahana thinks beyond self. She thinks for the people around her. She thinks about the community and its problems. She has great potential in identifying the issues  of the community. She has the skill to unite a team and to bring about a change. She mobilizes resources and initiates various drives in the community. Sahana is an eternal learner.  She joined the Swachh Bawana (Clean Bawana) movement. In the cleaning of the local park, she faced a lot of difficulties. She learnt that difficulties come but winners convert them into opportunities. She is determined to win over the challenges and believes in, ‘no pain, no gain.’



“Bal Gurukul has changed me.  I started with educating just 7 kids at home.  I felt  immense satisfaction and ended up learning  in return from my children. Today, I’m happy to serve as the treasurer of the children’s movement. People complain about darkness, I feel it is we who have to walk the path. Nobody can walk for us. I was annoyed with excessive garbage in Bawana but could not figure out what can be done. One day, I saw some children playing in one of the parks in my community. It was then that I decided to work on this issue and started my fight to build a better nation.”