Dheeraj is a technical expert

Dheeraj Rani was handling household chores in a family of six, but had a constant urge to do something in order to make her distinct identity. She came to know about the Skills for Youth and Adults program at Navjyoti India Foundation and enrolled herself in the Automotive Service Technician Course.

She was the sole female aspirant in the program and received accolades for her exceptional performance and continuous encouragement from the trainers. In addition to her ongoing course, Dheeraj received training in life skills, attended behavioural training workshops and community development activities at Navjyoti which transformed her into a more energetic, amiable, fresh, better responsive, optimistic being who is highly sensitive towards the underprivileged.

She believes that the opportunity knocks on everyone’s door; however, what matters is how you grab it and make the best out of it. The on-job training at Yamaha training soared her confidence level and honed her skills further. The training encouraged her to get determined to pursue it as a serious career post completion of the course.

Today, Dheeraj works as a Supervisor at Yamaha and got promoted after working as a technician. Her family takes due pride in her achievements, independence and contribution in the family. Dheeraj believes that her communication and interpersonal skills underwent a sea change for good.

Today, she enjoys striking conversations with others without an ounce of hesitation and apprehension. She is well-respected and duly appreciated for her consistent performance and wonderful behavior at the workplace. She expresses her heartfelt gratitude for transforming herself from an introvert and skeptical home maker into a highly confident and outspoken technical professional who is leaving her perennial imprints behind for others to emulate.