Instilling self-reliance
since three decades

Founded by Dr. Kiran Bedi along with 16 police officers, since our inception in 1988 we have been working seamlessly towards the upliftment of underprivileged sections of the society and provide marginalized groups with an opportunity to live a dignified life. Focusing at the grassroot level, our approach comprises advocacy, spreading awareness, policy intervention which has helped us take substantial strides towards crime prevention.

Our idea of crime prevention through social development is to foster interventions intended to reduce or eliminate the motives for crime before they arise which we intent to facilitate by of promoting education among underprivileged, micro-entrepreneurship, development of provision of healthcare, livelihood for children and women affected by the lack of resources.

Our Approach

Social crime prevention in its most simplistic form is preventing crime before it is committed by influencing the social environment of the offender. Our Crime Prevention through Social Development (CPSD) Model skillfully explains what we have witnessed in the communities over the years, what is analyzed out of those wretched circumstances and how we intervene to address those issues.

What we Saw​

We saw rampant drug abuse impacting millions of lives wherein the most susceptible and marginalized communities are subsumed the greatest. This segment majorly encompasses women, children and youth tormented by drug abuse.

What we Analyzed

We analysed children are more likely to perpetrate violence if they have low education, exposure to domestic violence against their mothers, history of child maltreatment, unequal gender norms including attitudes accepting of violence, a sense of entitlement over women, abuse of alcohol, to name a few. Social development programmes that address social risk like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, juvenile delinquency, homelessness, and family disintegration among others could stems down the rage of crime.

What we Do

Our Crime Prevention through Social Development (CPSD) Model endeavours to bridge the gap between criminal justice policies & programmes and social support for individuals, families and communities. It does this by tackling the factors that contribute to crime and victimization and are amendable to changes. We intent to bring in the change intervention by an integrated approach of social development across all our programs.

Our guiding principle of self-reliance is when community members have the capacity and skills to act as change agents of their own development. We intent to foster a culture of self-determination and economic viability in which the community itself is the driver of continued change, thereby:

Enhancing our connect with communities on social subjects using digital interventions.

Experience sharing with stakeholders via evidence-based research.

Providing a network of prospects for communities facilitating their economic growth and financial inclusion.

Our Founder

Imbibing a sense of compassion and upliftment of left out sections of the society from our founder members, Magsaysay Award recipient Dr. Kiran Bedi and 16 other like-minded officials of the Delhi Police came together to create Navjyoti India Foundation in 1988.