Sachin benefits from meditation

Sachin is the yog guru of his village. He conducts yoga and meditation classes every week for the children in his community. He learns Vipassna Meditation (Hindi-Ana Pana). It teaches him to see things as they are. It enables him to choose more skillfully on how to react. Sachin is an active member of the youth group in his village. He along with others organizes regular cleanliness drives. He has successfully revived a pond in his village. He wishes to spread the benefits of meditation to as many people as he can.



“Meditation taught me to control my thoughts and balance my mind. I practice Yoga every day. Yes, you heard it right. Everyday! I believe that I am special and unique. There was a time when I spoke without thinking. But now I think twice before I speak. I would like to credit yoga and meditation for this. This is the balance I have won. Having identified my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, this was an opportunity to improve myself. It strengthened my ability to become aware, to focus and also contribute in my community, constructively and meaningfully”.