Our response to Covid-19

The current global challenge due to the pandemic Covid -19 has presented in front of all of us a very unprecedented and challenging situation. We are all coping and developing strategies to do our best for not only keeping ourselves safe but also ensuring that we contribute more meaningfully towards a better world.

We wish to share few of our initiatives that we have taken up to not only utilise our human resource in the most optimal manner but also ensure to engage our beneficiaries regularly through using digital platform.

Even though there is a complete lockdown here, our engagement with beneficiaries as well as with our team members is continuing with the same vigour and enthusiasm. This time, however, not face to face but through the use of technology.

We made rigorous changes in the way we operate and reached our beneficiaries through different routes. Some of them are mentioned below:

Online Remedial Education Program:
1214 out of 1421 students have been consistently attending our online classes i.e. 85 percent of the total are enrolled. A separate group of 139 students is formed to give them special attention as they have a harder time grasping the concepts. 50 percent of the students have delivered the work given by their mentors.

Online events, competitions, and webinars:
To keep the community engaged and informed, various events, competitions, and webinars are being organised regularly. The topics generally cover areas of awareness such as COVID-19, life skills, drug abuse, joyful learning etc. More than 500 beneficiaries participated with great enthusiasm. Extracurricular activities in music, art and craft are regularly conducted and 50 percent of the attendance is ensured.

Food Distribution and community outreach:
The pandemic hit exceptionally hard on most of our beneficiaries as they earned their living as daily-wage workers. Navjyoti has been distributing food regularly and in the month of April this year, we covered 2569 families in Bawana. We also generate awareness in the community through our beneficiaries. 754 parents connected individually to spread awareness about COVID-19 and how to cope with it.

Rural Food Distribution Program:
Food was distributed to 1640 beneficiaries in 10 villages including ration for two months and cooked meals daily for 17 days during lockdown 1.0 in Gurugram district

Behavioral Change:
A 24-member team self-help group called Swachhta Police was formed to spread awareness about behavioral change in the community. They reached out to 2000 community members paying them a door-to-door visit and distributed 2000 face masks free of cost to promote behavioral change in 20 villages.

Livelihood generation for Women:
As earning a living became harder during the pandemic, we helped women to generate their livelihood and promote self-reliance. 84 women were engaged in livelihood activities and earned more than INR 6 lakhs during the lockdown. They were enabled to earn by stitching cloth masks, procuring dry ration, selling hygiene and sanitation products, making shirts, etc.