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Suggest Social Enterprise Models for Rural Entrepreneurs






Stratethon— is an endeavor of Navjyoti India Foundation supported by Defsys Solutions Pvt Ltd. to provide opportunity to university and B-school students to come up with Social Enterprise Models for Rural Entrepreneurs including strategies on expansion, marketing and branding that can be implemented by rural communities.


Recognizing the lack of incubation centers for entrepreneurship in rural and marginalized communities, Navjyoti India Foundation aspires to support aspiring, budding, and nano entrepreneurs (with very small business set ups) through Navjyoti-Defsys Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (NICE).

The students will get the opportunity to apply the business frameworks to prompt critical thinking, broaden their knowledge base through in-depth analysis as they explore the conditions and environment under which rural entrepreneurs operate and what solutions can be provided for a thriving rural entrepreneurial environment.


Open to University and B-School Students.


  • Cooking Enterprise
  • Household water treatment filter Enterprise (biosand/ terracotta)
  • Retail Shops Enterprise
  • Beauty and Cosmetic Enterprise
  • Organic Farming Enterprise
  • Dairy Enterprise
  • Go-to-market strategy for Woolen and Crochet Enterprises (handmade products)
  • Go-to-market strategy for Tailoring Enterprise

Structure: Team composition of 3-4 members in each team

Round 1: Idea Submission – Online Submission of concept

Round 2: Presentation Submission – Submissions of business plan and social media advertisement

Round 3: Virtual Presentation

Important Dates:

20 Dec 2022 12:00 PM IST – Idea Submission

20 Jan 2023 12:00 PM IST – Presentation submission

10 Feb 2023 12:00 PM IST – Virtual Presentation

Registration Fees: Free

Rewards: First prize, second prize, third prize, and certificate of participation.

CONTACT / Register At :

More Information


Navjyoti-Defsys Incubation Centre for Entrepreneurship (NICE) aims to create an ecosystem for Rural Entrepreneurship. The center would promote and nurture rural communities to explore high-potential economic opportunities at the grassroots level and would go a long way in creating an enabling environment for thriving entrepreneurship and gender-inclusive work culture in rural areas. It would help address some of the key challenges such as 1) gaps in income disparity due to lack of economic opportunities in the rural areas; 2) unemployment through lack of self-employment opportunities in rural areas by reaching out to new markets using technology, the revival of traditional handcraft practices, capacity building and mainstreaming rural women to start their own enterprises.

Registration Process

The registration for the Stratethon starts on 20 November and closes on 20 December giving about one month to submit ideas for the Stratethon. There will be three members in each team. The shortlisted teams will be given twenty days to develop their ideas to help them work further and shape up their case studies and presentations. The final presentations will be presented virtually. Submit your entries:



Business Plans


Submission Dates


Round 1

Idea Submission

30 days

20 Dec

Online Submission of concept note (2-pager solution for the given case) and 2–3-minute video on:

1.Cooking Enterprise

  1. Household water treatment filter Enterprise(bio- sand/terracotta)

  2. Retail Shops Enterprise

  3. Beauty and Cosmetic Enterprise

  4. Organic farming Enterprise

  5. Dairy Enterprise

  6. Go to market strategy for woolen and crochet Enterprises (handmade products)

  7. Go to market strategy for tailoring Enterprise

Round 2

Presentation submission, case study

30 days

20 Jan

6th Jan: Inform the shortlisted participant to refine the business ideas for rural entrepreneurs with detailed presentation of solution and social media advertisement of about 30 seconds.

10th Jan: Briefing(online) with technical panelists and the Navjyoti India team.

11&12 Jan: Online interactive sessions on the 8 enterprises with the community and the shortlisted candidates (4

enterprise on 11 & 4 on 12 Jan)

Round 3

Virtual Presentation

20 days

10 Feb

Online presentation and announcement of the winners. All the round three participants will get the opportunity to meet Dr. Kiran Bedi at the award ceremony in March.




Winner Team

  1. Book written by Hon’ble Dr. Kiran Bedi, founder Navjyoti

    India Foundation and Former Lt Governor, Puducherry

  2. Gift hamper of products made by rural women artisans

  3. Certificate

First runner up

  1. Book written by Hon’ble Dr. Kiran Bedi, founder Navjyoti India Foundation and Former Lt Governor, Puducherry

  1. Gift hamper of products made by rural women artisan

  2. Certificate

Second runner up

  1. Book written by Hon’ble Dr. Kiran Bedi, founder Navjyoti

    India Foundation and Former Lt Governor, Puducherry

  2. Gift hamper of products made by rural women artisan

  3. Certificate

Shortlisted entries

Certificate of participation

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